Turn an idea into educational resources

A complete product cycle that brings a concept or idea through to delivery in a classroom/school, commercial resale or other.

Curriculum Cycle

What we do

We support all stages involved in bringing a bespoke curriculum from concept / idea through to market release and beyond. In other words, we can support your entire journey or part of it.

A typical whole cycle of an entire product development has 3 Stages.

Stage 1

Mapping the vision, mission and principles.

We begin with a product vision – aligning everyone to a shared aim and objective.

This is followed by a product mission—the ultimate purpose of the product, who it is for and what it does for them.

Finally, we establish a set of guiding principles for the work to come.

Stage 2

Crafting a roadmap.

Following on from customer research and validation we craft a product roadmap, prioritising the significant themes to be addressed.

Date-based milestones and targets are established along with product goals and key metrics.

Stage 3

Implementing the roadmap for maximum impact.

Once the product roadmap is agreed upon, it’s time to make things happen.

Our implementation team create schedules, breaks down significant themes into sprints, and begins to generate iterations of the product creating feedback loops to identify new opportunities, point out shortcomings, and shine a light on areas to hone, improve, and expand.

From here, it’s a cycle of reviewing data, synthesizing feedback, and continually updating the product roadmap while grooming the product backlog to ensure every development cycle is utilised for maximum impact.

Curriculum Cycle

Our outputs include:

  • Full scheme of work

    Long and medium term plans / curriculum and planning frameworks

  • Lesson plans

  • Resources

    Classroom and assembly presentations, assessment tools, videos and more

  • Training

    Live and digital

  • Product launch collateral

  • Design and Marketing

    Branding, website, videos


We're a team of educational specialists who help institutions and Murabis (teachers, coaches, and mentors).

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Management Services

Curriculum development through initial idea construction, mapping the aims and objective, user profiling, curriculum design, developing resources including editorial and manging a team of writers.

Project managing the product life cycle from start to finish. Including (inter alia): developing a strategy, project planning and management, resource management (recruitment, activity allocation etc), budgeting, market research, quality assurance, through to sales and marketing.

Curriculum Writers

Our team of skilled content writers, all qualified and experienced teachers and/or senior leaders have experience across a range of educational setting including primary and secondary, mainstream and independent.


We ensure that the user (i.e. teacher) is equipped to deliver the resources. We have a variety of expert trainers ready to deliver training digitally or in person.

Quality Assurance

Within our quality assurance process, we draft in expertise to undertake several ‘checks and balances’. This includes:
• Partner schools for piloting. To undertake testing and trialling, allowing us to make corrections and amendments if required.

• Subject matter experts, to ensure our content is factually correct.

• Critical analysis by a third-party expert and/or publisher.

• Client review integration to ensure satisfaction.


We are supported by individuals, who we draw support from in undertaking research as and when required. This may include:
• Products in the market and assessing in detail the credentials of those products.

• The subject or topic that we are trying to work within to understand what activity there is, who is in that space and more.


Our team of designers ensure that our resources are not only aesthetically pleasing but compiled with ease of navigation as a priority.

We produce digital and print material. Our services include vision/mission setting, branding, resources (i.e. lesson plans), event posters, videos and much more.

Case Study – Client 1

A client initially commissioned us to develop a long-term plan (LTP) / overview for a particular subject, across primary and secondary settings following new guidance issued by the DFE. The ‘initial idea generation’ phase soon morphed into the need to develop a bespoke curriculum within a very short space of time.

Through detailed planning, we established a phased approach to develop the material.

Phase 1

Developing a project plan, putting together a project team, establishing a communications plan, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, development of long-term planning overview/framework, user guidance documentation, launch webinars and finally positioning ourselves as the subject matter experts.

Phase 2

Project management, content development, product design, established and implemented product testing and quality assurance, maintaining stakeholder communications and release of the first segment of the curriculum.

Phase 3

Project management, content development, product design, implemented product testing and quality assurance, development of training modules (including web portal development) stakeholder communications and release of the full curriculum.

Phase 4

Further market and end user research, develop an end user impact framework, whilst also developing the content and bolting on new, bespoke supporting resources. The curriculum will become a standalone product which is able to attract a new customer base.

Wherever you are on your journey, contact us for expert advice and support.